Imagine planting a seed, notifying your growth automation system, and then letting the system tend the seed from germination through harvest.

As the seed grows, the system monitors your farm with highly accurate sensors, taking continuous readings on crucial aspects of your operations. It then uses the data to determine optimal nutrient doses, regulate pH, adjust water flows agitate reservoirs and manage lighting.

The system logs all readings to a cloud database accessible from any internet connection. When readings indicate malfunctions or deviations from set levels, the system notifies you immediately by email and text. You can then adjust components of your farm online from wherever you are, optimizing growth conditions, protecting against crop loss, and ultimately increasing your yield and profits.

This is The Professor, a modular, cloud-based and intuitive growth automation system designed to serve a broad spectrum of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farms and other industries reliant on recirculating water.

The Professor is being developed by hydroponicists Lee Mandell and Bryant Koger, the owners of Leaf Lift Systems (LLS), and software architect and engineer Patrick Boyd. Mandell and Koger set out to design this state-of-the-art system after working for decades with the full range of options currently available. Each one, they learned, had significant flaws that negatively impacted profits and made it impossible for operators to trust their growth automation systems.

The Professor is scalable and formulated to adapt easily to future developments in the computer and farming industries. All interactions with this attractive and low-maintenance system are simple and transparent, and LLS’s aggressive pricing models ensure that even smaller growers can enjoy the advantages of the best system on the market, profiting quickly and consistently from their crops.

The Professor represents a revolution in growth automaton systems – one that will increase productivity and profits while contributing to the body of knowledge on techniques and best practices across the industries that use them. As such, it is a uniquely promising investment opportunity.