About Leaf Lift Systems

Leaf Lift Systems is an agricultural development company looking toward the future of the industry. By combining knowledge of cultivation know-how and today’s technological advancements Leaf Lift Systems sets off to help design the future of agriculture. A future that is sustainable, productive and ready to advance forward alongside the tech-world and the needs of our fragile environment.

Leaf Lift Systems is geared toward creating products that are easy to use and maintain, cut operation costs and maximize productivity.

Come see how Leaf Lift Systems can maximize your future – our goal is to make the Hydroponic Landscape Redefined

Land Used That is Suitable for Agriculture
Demand of Food Production Increase by 2050
US Population with Access to Legal Cannabis
Legal Cannabis Revenue Increase From 2015-2016
Cannabis Industry Indoors with Controlled Environment

The Professor Automation System

The Professor

Why Choose The Professor?

Sensor Reliability
Sensors on all current growth automation systems fall out of calibration and become inaccurate, requ...
Modular expansion potential
Most systems today lack modular construction, requiring growers to buy multiple systems for even a s...
Data Collection – analysis, use and sharing
Many growers plan for their businesses on the basis of anecdotal evidence and intuition alone becaus...
Warning mechanisms for pre-failure conditions
No current system detects and warns operators about signs of impending failure. The most serious of ...
Maintaining mission-critical functions during failures
When growing operations do fail, current systems have no mechanisms to ensure that mission critical ...
Intuitive design
Growers, traditionally not a tech-savvy group, are often reluctant to incorporate cutting-edge techn...

Industry Facts

States With Medical Cannabis
US Population With Legal Access to Cannabis
Number of Farms in the US
Number of pounds of fruit & vegetables a person consumes a year in the US

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