Most systems today lack modular construction, requiring growers to buy multiple systems for even a single farm. This unnecessarily increases costs and complicates any plans for expansion. The Professor’s capacity for expansion is practically limitless, enabling growers to extend their automated growth systems however needed as their operations succeed and expand.

For example, CEA farming offers the opportunity to  grow a variety of produce for the newly conscious consumer who is demanding “organic” and “tasty”. The Professor’s modular design allows for the adaptability to the needs of the variety of produce on market as well as what can be introduced in the future. The Professor will accommodate all current industrial techniques while positioning itself to service future opportunistic developments and demands.

The Professor’s modularity is also an incentive for hobbyists to take their farms to the business level – one step at a time – by providing them with an affordable growth automation system to which they can add components as their budgets allow.

In summary, The Professor’s modularity allows for attention to detail in every component created. Industry focus on functionality will continue to yield new developments, which, in turn, will require the design and production of new modules for The Professor.